Welcome to Hanbo-Jutsu

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Hanbo-Jutsu, the "art of the half stick" (approx.90 cm), is a martial art with Japanese roots. In feudal Japan, the medium stick could not be forbidden, for it was commonly used as a cane. So it became one of the most important weapons of Kobudo, the martial arts of the rural people.

Even nowadays, Hanbo Jutsu is usable in all kinds of situations - umbrellas, walking sticks and even newspapers can be used for self defense
- If one knows the basic principle of this kind of weapon and masters it as an additional part of the body.

In our club, we try to establish the Hanbo as a part of our Budo style, which is based on Ju Jutsu / Jiu Jitsu.
Before controlling a weapon, one must control his body and mind.
That's why we integrate most of our Hanbo lessons in regular Ju Jutsu lessons.
But of course, there are specific lessons, too. The idea is:

One who cannot fall without stick, will hurt himself severely while grabbing one.
One who cannot stop a strike of his hand, will massively hurt his partner with a stick.

Right now, only this very small keyhole (this page) is published in English, but in case of interest, please simply contact us via mail. We would be glad to answer all of your inquiries !